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The NanoWorld Holding AG

The NanoWorld Holding AG is a purely financial holding company and does not conduct operational business.

The present key activities of the associated companies are concentrated on the development, production and commercialization of consumables for Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) namely AFM probes or tips fo Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPM).

In the future the leading position of the associated companies in the core business will be further expanded and new markets are going to be developed in the fields of High Tech and Nanotechnology through strategic alliances and acquisitions.

Central functions fulfilled by the holding include access to capital markets and steering the group strategically, thus relieving the group's units, allowing them to concentrate on their customer related activity.

The holding's headcount is being kept deliberately low in order to limit group overheads to a minimum.

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NanoAndMore USA

Founded in 2005, NanoAndMore USA is based on the successful one-stop AFM probe shop concept that had already been proven in the European market by NanoAndMore GmbH.

Although expert in AFM operation, few users understand all the other contributing factors such as scanning environment (atmosphere, liquid, temperature, humidity, etc.), tip size and shape, cantilever dimensions and resonant frequency, cantilever coatings, etc. NanoAndMore helps provide this expertise.

Timely delivery from an extensive stock is a major objective of NanoAndMore and the AFM experience of the staff is critical to delivering the best possible solution.

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NanoAndMore GmbH

NanoAndMore GmbH was founded 2002 with the objective to serve the SPM community in the best possible way with consumer goods like SPM probes, calibration standards, substrates, coating material, and more products and services in the field of High Technology.

NanoAndMore's mission is to give the customer the visibility to select the right SPM probe and other supplies for his needs in the wide range of products offers from different manufactures.

Mr. Peer Burshille, founder and CEO of NanoAndMore GmbH has been active in the SPM market since 1991 making NanoAndMore GmbH the premier source for supplies, support and hands on information.

The products distributed by NanoAndMore GmbH are optimized for research, development and process control applications when visualization, modification and measurement of nanometer-sized surface structure is critical.

NanoAndMore GmbH continues to pursue the idea of bringing new developments in the field of measurement instrumentation to the laboratories in scientific research and industry on customers demand.

NanoAndMore has offices in Germany and France and a subcontractor in UK (Apex Probes Ltd).

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NanoAndMore Japan

Founded in 2019, NanoAndMore Japan KK ( NanoAndMore ジャパン) is based on the successful one-stop AFM probe shop concept that has already been proven in the European and American market by NanoAndMore GmbH and NanoAndMore USA.

NanoAndMore ジャパン CEO Mr. Nobuhiro Saito has many years of AFM expertise and is perfectly placed to assist customers with the selection of the right AFM probes for their various application needs.

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nanotools GmbH

nanotools GmbH Established 1997 at the Center for NanoScience/Munich, nanotools designs, manufactures and markets tools for nanotechnology applications. nanotools core competencies are electron beam induced processing (EBD), enabling the very controlled deposition of High-Dense, amorphous Diamond like Carbon (HDC) three dimensional features.

The product line includes high aspect ratio and enhanced resolution AFM probes, as well as OEM production for various nano-micro applications. The products are customized for industrial needs, in particular for the semiconductor and high tech industry, and are used by leading fabs worldwide for inline process control. nanotools is ISO 9001 certified.

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NanoWorld AG

NanoWorld AG, which acquired Nanosensors GmbH & Co. KG in November 2002, is the outstanding world market leader of high quality tips for Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) with a market share of more than 50%. Since the acquisition NanoWorld AG successfully pursues a "two brands under one roof" strategy with its two brands NanoWorld™and NANOSENSORS™ NanoWorld AG has created a continuously growing world wide distribution network. Additionally all major AFM manufacturers offer probes produced by NanoWorld AG to their customers either as NanoWorld or OEM product. This underlines the outstanding market position of NanoWorld AG.

NanoWorld The three different product series of the NanoWorld™ brand are epically designed for industrial mass applications and standard measurements. The NanoWorld™ products stand out due to proven reliability and high availability combined with the highest quality standards.

NANOSENSORS NANOSENSORS™ offers the widest range of cutting edge scanning probes for Atomic Force Microscopy applications. These probes are especially interesting for scientists at Universities, research institutions and industrial R&D centres.

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Innovative Solutions Bulgaria Ltd.

Established in 2001 and located in Sofia the capital of Bulgaria, Innovative Solutions Bulgaria Ltd. offers a variety of products and services within its three divisions - AFM Probes, Print & Design and Web Services & Programming. ISB internal spoken languages are English, German, French and Bulgarian.

AFM Probe division BudgetSensors® and MikroMasch®

BudgetSensors®: ISB sells AFM probes under the trade mark BudgetSensors®

Since 2001, BudgetSensors® is supplying the Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) community with reasonably priced, high-quality AFM probes.

The BudgetSensors® product range features different AFM probes for various measuring modes: dynamic, force modulation and contact mode, also available with different coatings like aluminium reflex and overall conductive Cr/Pt coatings for conductive measurements. The NEW Silicon Nitride probe, which is mainly used for soft contact purpose and in the field of Bio applications, has been introduced at the beginning of 2005.

BudgetSensors® stands not only for the commitment to always offer the customers the best possible price, but also for quality without compromises. The customers are served by a world wide distribution network as well as through an own online web store. Several AFM manufacturers recommend and offer BudgetSensors® AFM probes to their customers. BudgetSensors®

MikroMasch®: Since November 2012 Innovative Solutions also operates the well-known AFM probe brand MikroMasch®.

MikroMasch® is a well-known and long-established brand of inexpensive AFM probes and test gratings. In 2012 their products we upgraded to the HQ: Line (High Quality Line) of MikroMasch AFM probes and calibration gratings, which in Europe and the USA are available through NanoAndMore. A world-wide network of more distribution partners make the MikroMasch AFM tips widely available.

ISB’s Design & Programming division offers all kinds of web related services as well as exclusive solutions for corporate design, presentation and promotion materials.

Customers of ISB's Web & Programming Division are international companies from all over the world.

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NanoWorld Services GmbH

NanoWorld Services GmbH was founded by Joerg Diebel, CEO NanoWorld Services GmbH on August 1st, 2001 in Erlangen/Germany and is one of the leading developers, manufacturers and global suppliers of integrated solutions for Micro- and Nanotechnology.

Their main business is turning customer's MEMS ideas into MEMS products with the inherently tight integration of MEMS design, process development and production. NanoWorld Services GmbH has highly trained and skilled personnel with 50+ years of MEMS experience and a team-based problem solving approach.

Furthermore NanoWorld Services offers stocking-, world-wide logistics- and invoicing services which makes NanoWorld Services GmbH an all out of one hand solution for your needs in the field of MEMS business.

As a worldwide unique highlight NanoWorld Services offers photoresist spray coating together with projection alignment services.

Being located at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology in Erlangen and collaborating on many projects with the renowned research institution enables NanoWorld Services to access the full capacity of complete facilities for 4-inch and 6-inch wafer fabrication. NanoWorld Services GmbH,

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