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Manfred Detterbeck,
CEO, NanoWorld Holding AG
Manfred Detterbeck, chairman of the board, CEO and founder of NanoWorld Holding AG, Schaffhausen (Switzerland) and NanoWorld AG, Neuchâtel (Switzerland), received his degree in Technology of Microsystems at the University of Applied Science in Regensburg (Germany). After postgraduate studies at the Universities of Stuttgart, Berlin, Dresden (Germany), Bloomington (USA) and Kitakyushu (Japan) he additionally earned the academic degree Master of Business and Engineering.

Mr. Detterbeck's career prior to the foundation of Nanoworld Holding AG in Schaffhausen (year 2003) and NanoWorld AG in Neuchâtel (year 2000) includes positions at DaimlerChrysler AG, Research and Development Center in Ulm (Germany), in the strategic corporate department of M+W Zander in Stuttgart (Germany) and assistance of the CEO at E4 Technologies in Zurich (Switzerland).

Dr. Daniel Guntli,
CAO, NanoWorld Holding AG

Dr. Daniel Guntli, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of NanoWorld Holding AG and COO of NanoWorld AG studied life sciences at the ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, one of the world's leading universities in natural sciences, engineering, architecture and business economics. He earned his degree with a PhD thesis at its Institute of Plant Sciences. His career in interdisciplinary, cross-cultural teams included positions such as the deputy of the head of the foreign direct investment promotion agency at the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO where he was responsible for project management, strategic planning and operations and as project manager at the Swiss national exhibition Expo.02.

Dr. Guntli joined the NanoWorld Group in 2008 before assuming his current position in the Group’s management team as the CAO of NanoWorld Holding AG and COO of NanoWorld AG in 2011.

Michaela Roessger,
Director Public Relations,
NanoWorld Holding AG

Michaela Roessger, Director Public Relations NanoWorld Holding AG and Head of Marketing NanoWorld AG, studied at the University of Tübingen/Germany, one of Europe's oldest universities and at Nanjing University/China. She complemented her Masters degree in Chinese studies and modern history by additional degrees in Japanese and business administration. Prior to joining NanoWorld AG Ms. Roessger held positions in marketing and strategic marketing departments in the semiconductor equipment and materials industry.

Dr. Kamen Nikolov,
CFO, NanoWorld Holding AG

Dr. Kamen Nikolov, CFO of NanoWorld Holding AG, as well as CEO and Founder of Innovative Solutions Bulgaria Ltd. (ISB), has obtained a technically orientated Business Administration degree from the University of Stuttgart, one of Germany's leading technical universities. Following this, Mr. Nikolov received the degree Master of Business and Engineering through postgraduate studies in Germany, USA and Japan and a doctorate from the University of Sofia.

Prior to the foundation of ISB, known for its range of AFM probes sold under the trade mark BudgetSensors and the acquisition of the company by NanoWorld Holding AG in 2005, Dr. Nikolov has held positions in the semiconductor industry, as well as in the university sector.

Since August 2007, Dr. Nikolov is simultaneously holding the positions CFO of NanoWorld Holding AG and CEO of ISB.
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