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The scope of the members of the NanoWorld Group ranges in the field of nanotechnology and the related high-tech business from research, development, production, sales, and services to distribution.

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NanoAndMore USA

Founded in 2005, NanoAndMore USA is based on the successful one-stop AFM probe shop concept that had already been proven in the European market by NanoAndMore GmbH.

NanoWorld Holding AG is a high-tech distributor active in the USA, Canada and Mexico providing probes for scanning probe microscopy (SPM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) and related accessories.

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NanoAndMore GmbH

NanoAndMore GmbH provides the SPM community with a wide range of consumer goods from SPM probes, calibration standards, substrates to coating material, and other accessories.

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NanoAndMore Japan

NanoAndMore Japan keeps a large stock of NanoWorld Group AFM probes and accessories on site enabling a fast delivery and sells NanoWorld Group AFM probes at manufacturer recommended prices.

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nanotools GmbH

Established 1997 at the Center for NanoScience/Munich, nanotools designs, manufactures and markets tools for nanotechnology applications. nanotools core competencies are electron beam induced processing (EBD), enabling the very controlled deposition of High-Dense, amorphous Diamond like Carbon (HDC) three dimensional features.

The product line includes high aspect ratio and enhanced resolution AFM probes, as well as OEM production for various nano-micro applications. The products are customized for industrial needs, in particular for the semiconductor and high tech industry, and are used by leading fabs worldwide for inline process control. nanotools is ISO 9001 certified.

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NANOSENSORS products with their superior quality and sophisticated design are produced for the high quality segment of the market for scanning probes for Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). The products are especially interesting for scientists at Universities and research institutions.

NanoWorld AG

NanoWorld AG, which acquired Nanosensors GmbH & Co. KG in November 2002, is the world's leading manufacturer of high quality tips for Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM). Since then it successfully pursues a two brands under one roof strategy with its two brands NanoWorld™ and NANOSENSORS™


The products of NanoWorld™ are produced for the mid range segment market for scanning probes for Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). The products are customized for industrial applications and the mass market.

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ISB - Innovative Solutions Bulgaria Ltd.

Established in 2001 and located in Sofia the capital of Bulgaria, Innovative Solutions Bulgaria Ltd. offers a variety of products and services within its three divisions - AFM Probes, Print & Design and Web Services & Programming.

  • The AFM Probe division manufactures and sells probes and accessories under the trade names of BudgetSensors®, MikroMasch® and OPUS by MikroMasch® used by the most advanced R&D institutions worldwide.

  • The Design & Programming division offers all kinds of web related services as well as exclusive solutions for corporate design, presentation and promotion materials.

    Customers of ISB's Web & Programming Division are international companies from all over the world.

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    NanoWorld Services GmbH

    Founded in 2001 NanoWorld Services provides MEMS fabrication and process development services.

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